Soil & Aggregate machines

CUBE Automation in collaboration with her sister company, SNA machinery, can provide complete screening,mixing and packaging line. In collaboration with SNA, Cube Automation offers you complete automation solution for theses machines. If you need an automation solution only, please visit our pages about Control Panel or our section Soil & Agreggate.

Star screening

For screening bulk products. Combinations of various gradations are possible. A different gradation can be obtained by adjusting the rotational speed of the stars. Star screens are characterized by their high capacity and by their self-cleaning action.


Can be supplied in various executions, depending on the function and on the product to be dosed. Also suitable for products flowing difficultly. Large diversity as far as sizes are concerned. Capacities up to 250 m3/h.

Fertilizer dosage

For various fertilizers and additives. (Like various sorts of limes). Suitable for dosages by volume as well as by weight with or without computer control. Dosage of 0,5 up to 30 kg/min.

Mixing drum

Continuous mixer for potting soil with a very homogeneous mixture as a result. Capacity up to 250 m3/h.

Bagging machine for loose bags

Bagging machine for loose bags. Large flexibility by quick switching to other bag sizes. Capacity up to 900 bags/h. Also suitable for products flowing difficultly.

Elevator palletizer

For stacking bags of pallets. Various stacking patterns (up to 99 patterns) available from the menu. Fully automatic machine constructed in modules, so that any required arrangement is possible.Capacity up to 300 layers/h.

Wrapping machine

Fully automatic machine for wrapping the pallet stack. Provided with pre-stretch system, so that the film is dealt with economically.Choice out of 2 executions: standard execution and a high capacity execution (up to 66 pallets/hour).