Cube Automation : 25 years of process automation


25 years ago, after several years of experience with the Canadian space agency, Mr Roch Chiasson founded Cube Technologies. His goal was to bring new technologies, known as Industry 3.0, to manufacturers and municipalities. Back then, Cube was mostly a machine programming company.


Cube Automation is a diversified team of project managers, electrical and mechanical designers, technicians, electricians, and programmers that master process automation applied to different industries. This team of 40 is spread in four offices across Eastern Canada offering the services and equipment to the world market.

Cube Automation is also an equipment manufacturer who provides innovative automated machinery for the different industries to which it offers it services.

Moreover, Cube Automation is also a software solution provider with the commercialization of the Smart FactoreeTM Software Suite for traceability and Industry 4.0 production management.


1995: Cube Technologies, founded in Tracadie-Sheila, NB, Canada

1996: First programming of automatic palletiser in peat moss industry with 4.0 system of perform tracking

1997: Implementation of a municipal wireless system between pumping stations. Implementation of a 4.0 monitoring of the operating performance.

1998: Integration of automation into a production line in the peat moss industry. Implementation of a type 4.0 wireless mining drill monitoring system to monitor performance and transfer data into a Big Data system

2001: Cube Technologies becomes Cube Automation

2004: Partnership with French manufacturer Vendée Concept for the distribution of dynamic weighting systems in North America

2004 : First oyster sorting vision system in North America

2005 : Implantation of Smart Factoree system for a peat moss line

2007 : First participation at Boston SeaFood Show

2007 : First global design for an complete peatmoss line

2008 : Implantation of CIP system for McCain Industry in Grand Sault

2016: Design and manufacture of first Palletiser Robot

2019: Acquisition of Oceatec, designers and manufacturers of automated seafood processing equipment, from La Pocatière, QC, Canada (new office for Cube)

2020 : Design, manufacture and installation of global new Seafood factory (lobster and crab)

2021: Manufacturing plant and third office opens in Shippagan, NB, Canada

2021: Full time technical sales representative in province of Nova Scotia, Canada

2022 : Design built of a new peat moss mix line