About Us

A History of Growth through Innovation

Since it’s beginning, Cube Automation has always been focusing to make your factory more efficient, to make your factory a Smart FactoreeTM. Cube Automation, incorporated in 1995, started as a small engineering firm servicing a variety of local industries from small Seafood & Peat Moss factories to heavy industries such as Mines and Pulp and Paper. From the start, Cube was specializing in:

  • Control
  • Plant management software
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Industrial engineering

We are now the leading integrator in food automation on the Atlantic coast. We are offering a combination of our own machines and other leading machines and products. Here are a few products we develop in-house or hold patents:

  • Herring “Sex Sorting Machine” 
  • “Freezer Robot Palletizer” 
  • Smart Factoree Traceability Software 
  • Crab Banding Machine 


Atlantic Coast Leader in Food & Seafood Factory Process Efficiency


Focus our effort and creativity in improving our clients’ equipment efficiency as well as providing a complete factory efficiency vision, a Smart Factoree(tm)


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Good Basic Skills

Respect and Fun

Our goal is to optimize our clients. We deliver project across North America. We offer third party machines, printing & labeling system for traceability, factory design, equipment optimization, 3D vision and advance scaling system.

Focusing on Efficiency, Quality, and Service

Located in the hub of the Seafood Industry on the Atlantic coast, the Acadian Peninsula, Cube Automation has expanded offices to Moncton. Our technical team of over 15 skilled designers, programmers & technicians are servicing the Food & Seafood Industry as well as other local industries. With equipment & manufacturing partners in Europe and North America, Cube has the capability of overseeing every step of the manufacturing process, from design, construction to product integration and production optimization.

Innovation through Integrated Design is the difference with Cube Automation

Our Engineering Team has experience in small to large projects providing Design, Implementation and Project Management. As a systems integrator, we offer services that can be used to control one piece of equipment to complete factories. With equipment & manufacturing partners in France & New Brunswick, Cube Automation has the capability of overseeing every step of the manufacturing process, from design to product integration. In-house Capabilities: