PLC & Motor Control Panels

CUBE Panel Series

Manufacturer and Designer of Control Panels Canadian Standards Association (CSA International) Approved

Control Panel design is the main activity of our automation engineer, we provide lots of different panel series :

  • The CP series represents panels for all kind of processes without motor controllers but most of the time include PLC.

  • The CPM series contains, in addition to a PLC, are motor controllers.

  • The MP series represent panels with only motor controllers and basic hardware to enable their functions.

  • The CPS series is the special range of panels for special requests.

In each series we offer you different improvement levels :

  • 100 : Barely legal low cost

  • 200 : Basic application

  • 300 : Industrial Application

  • 400 : Large IO count application

  • 500 : Multi-panel system

Some examples of our different panels :



Cube Control Panel either make-to-order (manufacture) or engineer-to-order (design & manufacture) CSA approved automation equipment to control one piece of machinery or a complete plant. Some common control panels are:

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Panels

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) Panels

  • Motor Control Centres (MCC)

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Panels

  • Soft Start Panels

  • Energy Monitoring Panels

We have a good relationship with the most common and respected brand on the market. These includes:

  • Allen Bradley (Rockwell)

  • Seimens

  • Omron

  • Klockner Moeller

  • ABB

  • Schneider

  • Others to the client specifications

Cube Control Panel

Cube Control Panel combines 24 years of successful electrical contracting with the technical expertise of CubeAutomation (1994). These engineers have a technical background ranging from the light industries, heavy industries to such high-tech field as aerospace. The company has built simple HMI panels for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who sells their machinery across North America. It has also designed and built Motor Control Centres (MCC), which controls complete plants.