Screening solutions

Our key engineers are familiar with the screening process, we can provide automation and motor control solutions for your screening line. Specialized in peat industry, Cube Automation have experience in soil treatment plant and can help you to automate your production line. In addition, with our software, Smart Factory you are able to control and monitor all your factory.


Here some example of services we can offer to you :

  • Simple to complex control system for precise Soil Screening
  • Recipe database system for each soil type
  • Continuous soil percentage% blending before screening
  • Control of star screen, shredder, mill and pin auger


One example of a screening line we already provide :

This screening system is very productive and operate 24 hours a day. The systems are designed to minimize soil manipulation by loaders. The processed products are sized, shredded, remixed and sent directly to mixing by conveyor system.