Peat Moss Bag Sequencing and Accumulation System


Fafard Peat Moss Ltd Shippagan (New-Brunswick)


The factory installed new automatic bag packaging system and an automatic palettizing system.

CubeAutomation’s responsibility was to design a sequencing and accumulation system to eliminate down time and bag collision.


  • Sub-contracting gives the client access to experts on a usage basis.
  • Effective cost and time management.


  • Sequencing a throughput of a bag every 4 seconds.
  • Control of hydraulic and electric conveyors.
  • System OMRON CQM1, RS-485 network with four (4) remote slaves.
  • Electric and hydraulic conveyor system control.
  • Approximately 200 input/output points.


  • Programming and sequencing of the complete conveying system of the factory for bag and palette handling.
  • Involved in the conveyor layouts as well as the electrical, the mechanical and the hydraulic design.
  • Design and construction of the control panels.
  • Supervisor of the production line start-up.