Automatic Palletizing Machine


Fafard Peat Moss Ltd
Les Machineries Vervilles


  • To install a custom built palletizing system.
  • Cube Automation’s responsibility was to overtake the programming of this complex machinery, improve its performance and eliminate the down time created by the machine.


  • The machine increased the productivity.
  • Sub-contracting gives them access to experts on a usage basis.
  • Very complex system which required very strong programming abilities.
  • Required good system (electrical and mechanical) knowledge to overcome the challenges


  • OMRON CQM1 PLC with 200 I/O.
  • Variable Speed Drives and Soft Start.
  • Mechanical construction by ‘Les Machineries Vervilles’


  • Reverse engineered the machine and improved its performance.
  • Improved performance from 12 units/min. to 17 units/min. with minor mechanical modification and re-programming.
  • 99.9% up time by removing all the bugs.
  • Programmed using the Graphset concept.
  • Commissioning and optimization.