Training and Development

To reach excellence in any field you need three ingredients:

– Talent
– Opportunity
– Proper Equipment or Tool

Cube Automation provides talented individuals, the opportunity and the tools to reach excellence in their profession.

Cube automation is committed to employee development and believes continued training is critical to the success of the organization. Not only does Cube pride itself with bringing in great and bright individuals but it is also committed to ensuring these individuals continue their momentum by enhancing those skills they may already have. Training and Development is key to the success of any individual, therefore, Cube provides a number of ways to further develop your skills as an employee.

Employee training and development is managed through individual skills plan, which assists employees in summarizing needed skills development – both customer/market-driven skills and personal growth skills. Training is available through a number of vehicles: classroom training, seminar training, and trade shows, opportunities from projects, through the company tools, tuition refund, mentoring and through certification.