Central Computer Control & Monitoring

SCADA monitoring system

Typical municipal pumping systems are spread in many buildings across a large area. To have an efficient control and visualisation of the entire system, the control is brought to a central location. A System Control And Data Acquistion System (SCADA) is typically installed. Cube Automation has develop tools and product to efficiently integrate such a system in the municipal sector. The company has experience in many most popular SCADA system.

Maintenance & Environmental Tracking Systems

Maintenance system typically track vehicules, machinery and equipment usage and maintenance work. Our systems do this but with added features to help municipality with their particular challenges like tracking the testing for compliance with Environmental Agencies. Here are the main features:

  • Environmental Compliance Work Order system
  • Track the maintenance on Machinery
  • Track the maintenance on the pumping system
  • Automatically or manually create Work Orders for the staff
  • Built an inventory of Equipment, parts and tools
  • Work load reporting system by equipment, by labor, by town sections

Specialized Reporting Systems

The reports systems and the reports are pre-built for municipal clients. CubeAutomation R&D and technical team has integrated reporting system that can only be found in high end and expensive packages. Our systems enables us to provide very important reports and information which much less expense in software tools and engineering time. We also integrate existing high end packages.

Advance Intrusion Monitoring

Advance intrusion monitoring enable centralise computer system to distinguish between break-in, standard maintenance visit, un-planned visits. Contact us for more details on the various management benefits of this feature.